Everyone has a need to be needed.

Sometimes the people who needed you may need you no more,

When it dawns own you that you are no longer useful to them anymore,

Take account of your stay or time spent with them.

Transition to the next level of assignment has been the root of stress to many,

Change has been unacceptable to many even when change is inevitable,

A mother who can not let go of her grown up children still wants to feed them check on them, and soon it becomes a source of conflicts……Mamas let go, them .give em space and remain relevant to them.In times of need, they will call and say, mamma, I love you or mama I need your advice.

Fathers, It goes without saying, not many would do like the father of the prodigal son, Many wants to give inheritance to your children on your death bed. Unfortunately, many die before writing a will and all the wealth accumulated over your years is dispersed and gone within a short while. Let go and remain relevant to em ,

To be continued………….