“I am Doing Something”


The Lord replied, “Look around at the nations; look and be amazed! For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it.
Habakkuk 1:5 NLT

In the midsts of trouble and confusion it is easy to think that God has forgotten you. When surrounded by pain and sorrow the hope of things turning around for good seems so far fetched. One awaits for the waves to carry you to your end.

When God spoke to Habbakkuk the above verse, he was at the his end. His complaint carries the sound of desperation. The Lord listened and replied. It is amazing to know that our Father understands our humanity and its limitations. He knew that what He was about to do if told to Habbakkuk He would not believe.

Yes! they are times when the Lord just gives us instructions to look around and be amazed. The amazement comes from the surprise of His Manifestation.

So when the going gets tough resignation is not the only option. You can choose to Look around with expectations. We may not have the clear picture of what we are looking for but, our eyes should not rest or let go.

As long as we are breathing things can turn around for good at any moment. This assurance comes from our faith in an everlasting Loving Father.

A decade ago, I was living through the motions of life. Life had become tough and rough. Crying and wailing became the norm in my prayer time. I would lie down at the altar and weep, my prayers lacked coherence. I concluded that since I have no words to explain to God what I need then He can decipher my tears and groaning.

Then one day the Lord sent someone to tell me that He will wipe away my tears and cause me to rejoice. I looked around and for sure I didn’t believe it. I remember asking HOW?

That question there is what causes many of us to not believe. But through the years I have come to learn that the How is not ours to figure out.

He said he will turn your life around!

He said you will forget the shame of your youth!

He said he is doing a new thing!

You can add on the list what He has said to you.

Stop trying to figure out how he will do it. Just believe, wait and watch eagerly.

Today I rejoice

I testify

I am amazed.

He did it for me.

He will surely do it for you.

Published by PastorLucyPaynter

I'm a perfectionist, I work the details to the dots in the i's And I believe if we fall and keep breathing we can always arise. Sometimes I wonder, 'if I'd become everything I wanted as a girl, Would I be better than this or caught up in a different whirl?' I close my eyes and hear the voices of those who look up to me, The hopeful eyes in their pictures.....I think I can see what they see, I want to wake up one morning and see the people I care about happy. I'm a perfectionist, I work the details to the dots in the i's And I believe if we fall and keep breathing we can always arise. I pretend I'm not hurt even when I am, 'Cause when fighting ain't an option,the least we can do is keep calm. There're times when I feel terribly overwhelmed, But bless everything through which I've helmed, There's been God, there's been you, to pull me through. I oft'n worry that the things I so believe in may not be true, And you can trust me to cry at the idea of failing in what I set out to do. I'm a perfectionist, I work the details to the dots in the i's And I believe if we fall and keep breathing we can always arise. I understand that it's hard to please everyone, But if I could, there's nothing I'd want more than to see a smile on the face of every man. I believe and so say everyone deserves a second chance, I judge not...at least never at first glance. I dream of the day when I can look at my life and say 'this is where I wanted to be. I have, I do, I always will try the best in everyone to see, And I hope at the end of my life, I will not have left a trail of broken hearts behind me.

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  1. Thank you for this Ma. I’m going through a rough phase right now and I’ve been asking the same questions.

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