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Grace Dear

Today I am overwhelmingly sad. I have a deep pain that can only be lessened divinely. I have lost a dear friend. She was more of a baby sister, knew her for a few years but the connection was deep.

O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting? [Hos. 13:14.] Now sin is the sting of death, and sin exercises its power [upon the soul] through [the abuse of] the Law. But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:55‭-‬57 AMPC

You will truly be missed my dear Grace. No words are enough to express how we feel now. But with God we shall be comforted. I dedicate these words to you as I share who you were to me and to the community.

O Grace dear,
It breaks me so to say this now
But I miss you, you know
There was no time to say goodbye
And now I watch as time goes by
The pictures… darling I miss you so

But I know
Even Heaven loves a shining star
And as you watch us from afar
Knowing you’ve done your race
 And gone away to rest in Grace
Know you’re imprinted in our hearts

And for your heart
The biggest of hearts I’ve ever known
That made me know I’m never alone
I’m thankful and I’ll forever be grateful
That I’ve walked with you, and known you
The most beautiful of souls.

Your kind of love
For children, for adults and all
Your compassion, a perfect enthrall
Never did I see you turn your back
On a friend or not, in plenty or lack
You loved and you loved unreservedly

Fly on Grace dear
Go be with God and the angels
And as the heavenly host assembles
To receive you into the Glory Eternal
We celebrate a life lived faithfully vernal
Till we meet on that beautiful shore.


Many a times we focus on what we don’t have yet and we forget to appreciate what we already have.
The perspective of glass half full or half empty analogy has been used to determine the optimists and the pessimists.

But, I realized that in matters of faith and waiting upon the Lord some may feel like they are seesawing on both ends. (I feel like that sometimes😉).

What can give us peace and stability in such instances is our #FOCUS.
Focus on the Lord not on the Load of cares.
Focus on His Promises not on the Problems.
Focus on What He has done already not on what is yet to be done.

This builds your faith and your confessions become creating Power.
Several times in the bible the Lord has asked the question.

I am asking you too in that challenge, situation or issue, “What do you see?”

Pastor Lucy Paynter

Watch “Bloom. And Flourish” on YouTube

Bloom and flourish

Isaac planted crops in that land and took in a huge harvest. God blessed him. The man got richer and richer by the day until he was very wealthy. He accumulated flocks and herds and many, many servants, so much so that the Philistines began to envy him. They got back at him by throwing dirt and debris into all the wells that his father’s servants had dug back in the days of his father Abraham, clogging up all the wells.
Genesis 26:12‭-‬15 MSG

He Leads Me

Over the last few weeks I have been keen to listen and understand what is the will of God in this season. This pursuit has led me to intesify my closet time and pursuit of God’s presence. I cannot share everything I have experienced for now but by and by I will be sharing as the Lord enables me.

I can sum it all up by few words. Trust and Faith in Him. Six months before the Pandemic broke, I visited a family of my parishioners, as I left they gave me a cartoon of hand sanitizer and a dispenser. It was an odd gift at the time. I didn’t think much about it. When I got home I put the cartoon on the back porch and forgot about it.

As you know by the time reality of corona virus hit one of the rare commodity and essential at the moment was hand sanitizer. I came home from a meeting and my husband was frustrated that the stores were out of sanitizer and toilet paper. The Church had not closed down by then and we needed to have sanitizers available not only at home but also in church. Just then I remembered we have a whole cartoon at the back porch. I looked at that and ruled out coincidence.

My father in heaven knew that this would happen and in His loving kindness He equipped us. To many that may seem like nothing but to me it was great assurance that He is in control.

Isaiah 38:4-8, 21-22
Then the word of the LORD came to Isaiah: “Go and say to Hezekiah, Thus says the LORD, the God of David your father: I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears. Behold, I will add fifteen years to your life. I will deliver you and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria, and will defend this city.
“This shall be the sign to you from the LORD, that the LORD will do this thing that he has promised: Behold, I will make the shadow cast by the declining sun on the dial of Ahaz turn back ten steps.” So the sun turned back on the dial the ten steps by which it had declined.
Now Isaiah had said, “Let them take a cake of figs and apply it to the boil, that he may recover.” Hezekiah also had said, “What is the sign that I shall go up to the house of the LORD?”

I am trusting God to not only provide the means but also that He is giving clear divine instructions on how we will overcome at this time.

Hezekiah asked for a sign after weeping and crying to God to add Him more time. God spoke to Isaiah and gave him the remedy for Hezekiah boil. As we pray let’s also listen to His divine leading.

I [the Lord] will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.
Psalm 32:8 AMPC

One thing that will keep us afloat is totally depending on God in this uncertain times.

And I will bring the blind by a way that they know not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known. I will make darkness into light before them and make uneven places into a plain. These things I have determined to do [for them]; and I will not leave them forsaken.
Isaiah 42:16 AMPC

Allow Him to lead you. For Iam completely assured that He is in control.


Psalms 121

Psalm 121
A song of ascents.
I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip—
    he who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, he who watches over Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord watches over you—
    the Lord is your shade at your right hand;
the sun will not harm you by day,
    nor the moon by night.
The Lord will keep you from all harm—
    he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.

The Lord Is Our Keeper. Be encouraged to continue trusting in Him.

A Special Day

Today 9th April is one special day to me. I have two Anniversaries that happens today. One is our wedding anniversary. Yeeh, it is the day we said I do. It’s been four years now, four years of pure bliss and happiness. The life challenges have been there but they have only brought us closer. Before I met my love John, I believed that men are selfish and incapable of true love. I had been broken, bruised and I was bleeding. Trust was an issue with me, I couldn’t trust anyone for the betrayal I had gone through was spearheaded by people who were really close.

Somehow, my love realized that words cannot win me over. Instead of telling me he has fallen in love he decided to display his love in actions. In our interactions I didn’t know he was a man on a mission. I loved who he was and his character. Few months later I missed talking to him or spending time with him. We would talk for hours on the phone about anything. There was no pretense or hidden agendas, we enjoyed each other company. It felt like I had found a missing piece of me. I had to be honest with myself eventually and announce that discovery, “I am in Love!!!” What a great position to be, it’s beyond feelings.

Knowing that you truly love someone,motivates and empowers you. Despite the obstacles, you both find a way to be together. And we did! we got married, we had a small beautiful wedding today four years ago.

This union has been a place of growth, and advancement where no dream is too high as long as we support each other. We still have so much to talk about each day. This is not only a marriage but it is friendship.

I thank God for giving me a second chance in the institution of marriage. My purpose of writing this is to encourage someone who feels like all hope is lost, to keep on trusting God for a new beginning. He did it for me and many others I have had the opportunity to listen to or learn from. He can do it for you.

My second Anniversary is the birth of Glorious Power Church. A ministry where we serve the purposes of God in our Generation. Today Mark’s 3years since its launching. All I can say is that thus far the Lord has been Ebenezer. We give God all the glory for all He has done and will continue to do through us.

Happy 4th Anniversary to us!!!

John & Lucy Paynter.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to

Glorious Power Church.

The Unseen Realm

Three weeks on lockdown has done a number on many of us. On Saturday Patience, ( my daughter) came marching in the dinning room and made a declaration. ” Tomorrow I will get up, shower and dress up and then walk to Precious(my son) room for church service.” We all bursted in laughter but as a mother I understand her frustration. I have been feeling the same way. On Sunday as true to her words, Patience dressed up in one of her elegant gowns and walked to her brother’s room where the computer has been set up for them to join the Church service via zoom.

My clan.much love.

We are blessed as a church to have online platforms to broadcast our services. We have a Facebook page, YouTube channel, a zoom account and a Conference line among others. Our Services model have changed, it’s more prayers and checking in with each other than the Praise and worship extended sessions as the norm.

We did not adjust by choice but it’s by circumstances. We tried the norm one Sunday as our Praise and Worship leader Min. SaMSoft led us and we all sang either a few seconds earlier or late. It was such an uncoordinated melody. But I know that God appreciated our efforts. We are still trying to figure out how to sing in unison while on Conference call and others are in zoom.

There are many chronicles of covid 19 quarantine that each of us can record or relate. Let me not get started on homeschooling and it’s challenges. Life as we knew has changed. It feels like we are on Summer vacation but minus the fun activities which always include outdoors and travel.

As I was analyzing this, I wondered how much complaining has filled up the atmosphere. I realized that what any of us is either sad or frustrated with might be someone else prayers. I may be frustrated about homeschooling my kids, (main reason is the maths and the new formulas I know nothing about) but there is a couple somewhere who have no kids. I get to stay at home but there are others who have to go to work no matter what. Add to the list………Let us reduce the complaining.

On the other hand I know that God is working. But when faced with trouble we tend to just see the problem. But I believe that even though we cannot see God at work with our natural eyes, there is another realm where our spiritual eyes become enlightened and we see that He is working everything out for our good.

The servant of the man of God got up early and went out, and behold, there was an army with horses and chariots encircling the city. Elisha’s servant said to him, “Oh no, my master! What are we to do?” Elisha answered, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” Then Elisha prayed and said, “Lord , please, open his eyes that he may see.” And the Lord opened the servants eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire surrounding Elisha.
2 Kings 6:15‭-‬17 AMP

Just like the servant in the above text may our eyes be open that we may see. This is my prayer for you and me.

©Pastor Lucy Paynter

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