Knowledge and experience have taught me that there are many kinds of help; but there’s one I find disturbing and wicked. You see, there is a clique of self appointed, self-seeking gods and goddesses who play angels. What bemuses me about the charlatans is their addiction to self-aggrandizement. Any of their gestures of kindness isContinue reading “STUNTED GROWTH: HYPOCRISY GALORE”

Harvest Time

Lift Up Your Eyes (John 4: 35) See the Potential—the disciples overlooked the Samaritan woman (and people). a) Gender differences—Jewish men did not talk to women. b) Racial differences—Jews did not associate with Samaritans. c) Religious differences—Jews did not associate with infidels. They were half-breeds who got mad when Ezra returned (ch. 4). They wereContinue reading “Harvest Time”