"I got your Back:"

As we celebrate the Veterans today I am thinking about the bond of soldiers.
1. They never leave their wounded behind.
2. They got each other’s back.
3. They fight the enemy not one another.
4. They celebrate victory in humility as a team work effort.
5. Ranks and all protocols are honored and maintained.

Soldiers in the army of the Lord we can learn from the above list.
♤When one of us is wounded let us carry and care for them instead of destroying their remaining strength and dignity.
♤We need to assure our fellow Brethren that we got their backs in honesty and deeds.
♤Let us refocus our energy to fight our common enemy and stop fighting one another.
♤My victory is your victory let us all stand in our position and serve our purpose knowing that we are one body.
♤Respect to our leaders in every area of ministry is paramount. Remember we are all servants and the greatness in the kingdom is measured by servant hood.

©Pastor Lucy Paynter

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