Love them anyway

LOVE THEM ANYWAYLoving someone who can never love you back can be unbearable,
The damages it does to your heart overwhelming and irreparable,
Yet it draws such compassion from the depths of your soul,
Something so deep and true over which you have no control.
It doesn’t matter how many times you’re lied to,
How many times they’re untrue and leave you feeling blue
Or how many nights you spend awake consoling them,
You love them with all their flaws, you never condemn,
It doesn’t matter even when so much doubt fills your heart,
You still love them through it anyway.
When you choose to love someone who’s struggling for their life,
Too burdened by the weight of their own pain and strife,
When you commit yourself to bear someone’s hurts and agony,
When you choose to walk with them in their moments of fear and apathy
When you can love them even when their darkest moment in life comes,
You discover how deep your capacity for empathy and kindness runs.
Dedicating yourself to someone who cannot give you the same dedication back,
Is a risk we all fear to take; like trending down a blind fearful track.
Caring for others with all their flaws and weaknesses is not easy,
But you still love them through it anyway.
Be with them ‘cause you care, love and feel they’re worthy and deserving,
Not because you pity them, feel obligated to, or ‘cause it’s gratifying.
Give enough weight to your every “I’m here for you”,
Be there for them, walk with them, carry them if you have to.
Everyone needs someone, but there’s someone who needs you specifically,
In whatever way, be it physically, spiritually or emotionally,
There’s always someone who needs you more than you need him or her,
Someone going through grief, a heartbreak, illness or just seeing their life in a blur,
They may be incapable of giving us a relationship equivalent to that which we give them,
Just learn to love them unconditionally: LOVE THEM ANYWAY.