Just passing through

“Just Passing Through” Psalm 84 talks of a place called the Valley of Baca. The Hebrew meaning of the word baca is “weeping, tears, or misery”—something we can all identify with. While times of sorrow are a certainty in life, the Valley of Baca is not a place where we are to linger. It is


A-z A-lthough things are not perfect B-ecause of trial or pain C-ontinue in thanksgiving D-o not begin to blame E-ven when the times are hard F-ierce winds are bound to blow G-od is forever able H-old on to what you know I-magine life without His love J-oy would cease to be K-eep thanking Him for

What Do you See

Many a times we focus on what we don’t have yet and we forget to appreciate what we already have. The perspective of glass half full or half empty analogy has been used to determine the optimists and the pessimists. But, I realized that in matters of faith and waiting upon the Lord some may