Turning your shame into strength

Seasons come and go. Some we enjoy while the others we endure; Still no season lasts forever. Our attitude and altitude differ in each season.There are times when we are high from feelings of satisfaction and at other times so low and depressed by our unmet expectations.
Despite the season, you are in stopping is not an option. We keep moving and refuse to be stuck. Unfortunately, some don’t change when the season change they hang on remaining stagnant with no progress.
All is left are stories of the good old days.. .. when I was young
….when I had money
……when my so or so was alive
…..oh when I was working
Ok, so you went through a shift in life things changed, and it’s not what you anticipated. Yeah me too plus a million other people. Remaining stuck is not a must, but it’s a choice. Imagine still wearing summer clothes while winter comes and vis verse. The suffering would be unbearable, yet it is self-inflicted.
Stop blaming people for the change in seasons of life. Stop being angry with God for the unmet expectations. Stop blaming yourself for not following your premonition.
Accept when seasons change we change too. Learn and adapt to the discipline of each season. Above all remain connected to the author of all seasons.

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