You’re not a burden

There’re those moments in life when everything seems pointless,
When you can’t accept help from people ‘cause you feel helpless,
When the far you’ve come doesn’t matter, you still feel hopeless,
When your pain has pushed you close enough to your threshold for stress.
That moment when you feel that you have nothing to aspire to,
When you feel like a waste of space; like you’ll never break through,
When it feels like things will never get better no matter what you do,
And you start thinking your family and friends will be better without you.
That moment when you’re going through a complete lack of motivation,
When there seems to be no end in sight and you can’t change the condition
Like being pulled in different directions and yet, still stuck on one position,
Be it a disease, or whatever other condition, this is a dangerous emotion.
I wanna tell you that you’re not a burden to your friends or family,
There’re better days ahead no matter what you go through daily,
You have so much going for you and people who love you dearly,
Who act out of the kindness of their hearts, and ever so happily.
Letting them help you doesn’t in any way mean that you’re broken,
It’s true, accepting help can be challenging, but it helps to be open
Reach out, voice your concerns, don’t let yourself feel so forsaken,
I know you care about them, but they care about you too, so listen.
Stop seeing only the bad things in your life, it’s not your fault,
Refrain from critical self-talk, it’ll only push you towards self-assault,
You have value, so choose life, be a survivor even when it’s difficult,
Let them know how you feel and you will be surprised at the result.
There’s a reason why you were put in this world, you’re not a loser,
You’re loved, unique, beautiful beyond vision; you have a great future,
Let people be there for you like you’ve been for them, let them get closer,
Surround yourself with those who support you, feel the love they have to offer.
Be open to others, deepen the connection and intimacy that you share,
Be with family and friends, be happy every single minute you can spare,
Take in all the good in yourself, don’t drown yourself in hopelessness and despair,
And when you feel so drained and disconnected, talk to God, He’s ever there.
Don’t withdraw from those who love you, there’ll be a ripple effect,
And you’ll hurt them, when all they wanna do is to love and protect,
Redefine your feelings, value your life, no single person’s life is perfect,
Don’t deny them a chance to be there for you, if they wanna help, don’t object.
Let go of that perceived burdensomeness, YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN TO THEM.

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