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Trenches in the Valley


A man’s progress can only be determined by their measure of FAITH.Our God is just and true.The smallest measure of FAITH is the size of a mustard seed.Yet it has ability to produce great results to those who posses and exercise it. God’s judgement will use the measure of FAITH

Beyond the Norm

Fathers and Children

I wrote part of this post four years ago. Today, I had a long talk with my dad over the phone. Distance between us does not allow us to meet for coffee and chat as often as we used to. Our sharing brought back memories of the faith I had

Watch “Behold I am Doing a New Thing.” on YouTube

There is hope in the future.


There are several verses in the bible that mention glorious power. I will highlight a few in this post today. The Lord gave me the name of my ministry over twenty years ago but the establishment happened three years ago. (GLORIOUS POWER). The Lord desires to reveal his power to