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Pursue your dreams

I always say that the beauty of a dream is in the mind of the dreamer,
And taking charge of your dreams and not simply settling for a daydreamer,
Is what makes you choose to invest in them even when the odds are against you,
And gives you the strength to brace the twists and curves till you break through,
It’s never a smooth ride, but it powers you to reveal yourself to yourself,
So don’t let yourself lose the momentum at the prime of the dream itself.
People will shut you down and criticize you for being overly ambitious,
And leave you stuck to holding yourself back in the name of being cautious,
They’ll try to influence you and dissuade you from pursuing your aspirations,
Half of them because they are afraid you’ll succeed beyond their expectations,
Listen to your own heart, choose your dreams, your passion, choose your own path,
There’s something bigger than what you have, go out there and cut your own swath.
Get past that perfectly rational concern about moving beyond where you are,
Don’t follow a path charted for you by others, rise beyond the moon and star,
You’ll fail sometimes, and maybe even lose faith, and things will get hazy,
But the fight’ll be worth it whether or not everyone else thinks you’re crazy
Don’t let the society’s opinion of success deter you from building your dream,
Focus your time and effort on your dreams no matter how futile it may seem.
There’ll always be that voice in your head rattling off reasons to give up the fight,
And sometimes letting go feels like the better option, but it pays to hold on tight,
Some setbacks may turn out to be the best thing that could ever happen to you,
It’s not about the hurdles you face or have faced, do the best that you can do,
Security is an illusion; it can easily enslave even the best and the brightest,
Be grateful for what you have, but aspire to reach your goals, to be the best.
Challenge those cognitive errors of black-or-white assumptions that you hold,
Let one failure inspire your next attempt to be better and watch your world unfold,
Take those baby steps towards realizing your dream every single chance you get,
Explore your options, lay your foundations, aim higher; don’t give up yet,
Appreciate what you’ve achieved and the many times you’ve exceeded expectations,
Set your own standards of achievement and go after them, whatever the conditions.
You don’t have to win over people who only criticize you and enjoy seeing you in tears,
You do have a choice, to either engage in self-sabotage or to conquer your fears,
Allow yourself to feel the negative, to cry if you must cry, but stay positive,
It’s possible for your dreams to come true, be fearless and clear in your motive,
Stay true to yourself, fight because it’s worth it, believe because it’s worth it,
Don’t procrastinate, pursue your dreams, take risks, the victory will be worth it.

A letter from the boy child

Dear you,,,, yes, you,,,,,all of you.
I hope this gets to you in time, and there’s something you can do.
They call me The Boy and back then I used to be considered a blessing.
I’m writing to tell you…no, to remind you how I’ve been progressing.
My mother and sisters love to believe I’m growing up in a patriarchal society,
And all I have to do is be a man, that’s their definition of reality.
My aunt thinks I’m programmed to bottle up my pain and anguish,
To suffer in silent agony, she says, will cure my sister’s languish.
I don’t understand what I did wrong. I’m just a child lost in neglect,
Why can’t even dad see how much my life has become wrecked?
I watch the sun go down hoping you’ll reach out, though you are disinclined.
What in God’s name did I do to warrant being left behind?
Why fight to rescue my sister only to start pushing me into the shell?
When it can’t contain me anymore, how will words dispel what you know so well?
I’m struggling enough to grow into a man, just let me anchor unto thee.
All I need is someone to empower and to mentor but not to suffocate me.
You have abandoned me and left me to succumb to destitution,
Desperately searching in the eyes of the society for consolation.
And all you’ve fed me is depression, hopelessness and loneliness.
If I grow messed up, will you seek my redemption and salvation or your forgiveness?
You’re busy breeding an angry, marginalized generation of men,
Vascillating between climbing out at any cost and embracing the glen.
Was what I’ve become unexpected after being so unloved, unwanted?
Could a boy grow up in a world full of uncertainties and not come out blunted?
I hope this gets to you in time, and there’s something you can do.
Yours Desperately,
The Boy.

Seeking Validation

from the blog
Most times in our lives, all we seek is people’s validation, That hint in their eyes, a sign of approval, of their recognition, Like living and being yourself needs everyone’s permission, We second-guess our decisions, to ensure their satisfaction, We shrink with anxiety and fear of another person’s opinion, We go to great lengths to provide everyone an explanation, Of our choices, our decisions, our reasoning, our every action. And let fear of disapproval and criticism become our only motivation. Do we ever stop to ask ourselves how we are fairing? Or how much our addiction to attention leaves us suffering? Do we ever hear our voices or we just are never listening? Do we realize how much it holds us back and the time we’re wasting? Why is it too difficult to focus on what it is that we love doing? To get in touch with what matters to us, and what’ll make life fulfilling? Why can’t we make being ourselves as natural as breathing? Who said we need everyone to agree that we’ve excelled in something? We can be, and indeed are the greatest source of our happiness, You are the right person for that job whether or not you make a mess, Don’t let your need for approval affect your performance and success, You don’t need to look to others to feel good about yourself or to progress, Don’t be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy just to try and impress, Even under such pressure, you can build a sense of self-acceptance nonetheless, Acknowledge the times you’ve been true to yourself, appreciate such boldness. Let success be doing what’s important to you and life’ll be much more effortless Make never seeking validation from others your eleventh commandment, Don’t let your performance anxiety paralyze your true self like an ailment, Don’t be too shy and introverted, wear self-confidence like a garment, You can’t please everyone, people will show disrespect and resentment, No matter what you do to impress them, focus on your personal fulfillment, Speak your opinions, learn to say no, there’s no shame in being different, See disapproval as a chance to improve your performance, not as a deterrent, Be honest with yourself, embrace learning and focus on constant improvement.

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