Seeking Validation

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Most times in our lives, all we seek is people’s validation, That hint in their eyes, a sign of approval, of their recognition, Like living and being yourself needs everyone’s permission, We second-guess our decisions, to ensure their satisfaction, We shrink with anxiety and fear of another person’s opinion, We go to great lengths to provide everyone an explanation, Of our choices, our decisions, our reasoning, our every action. And let fear of disapproval and criticism become our only motivation. Do we ever stop to ask ourselves how we are fairing? Or how much our addiction to attention leaves us suffering? Do we ever hear our voices or we just are never listening? Do we realize how much it holds us back and the time we’re wasting? Why is it too difficult to focus on what it is that we love doing? To get in touch with what matters to us, and what’ll make life fulfilling? Why can’t we make being ourselves as natural as breathing? Who said we need everyone to agree that we’ve excelled in something? We can be, and indeed are the greatest source of our happiness, You are the right person for that job whether or not you make a mess, Don’t let your need for approval affect your performance and success, You don’t need to look to others to feel good about yourself or to progress, Don’t be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy just to try and impress, Even under such pressure, you can build a sense of self-acceptance nonetheless, Acknowledge the times you’ve been true to yourself, appreciate such boldness. Let success be doing what’s important to you and life’ll be much more effortless Make never seeking validation from others your eleventh commandment, Don’t let your performance anxiety paralyze your true self like an ailment, Don’t be too shy and introverted, wear self-confidence like a garment, You can’t please everyone, people will show disrespect and resentment, No matter what you do to impress them, focus on your personal fulfillment, Speak your opinions, learn to say no, there’s no shame in being different, See disapproval as a chance to improve your performance, not as a deterrent, Be honest with yourself, embrace learning and focus on constant improvement.

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