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partnerJoin a big family of monthly givers who are doing what they can every day. Together, we will help share Christ and love people around the world.

Partnering Together

Partnership is about being a part of something that is bigger than yourself. And as a part of our family, together we can look at the very apparent needs of the world around us… and do something about it.

When you become a part of Pastor Lucy Paynter Partners, your monthly, ongoing gift will reach millions with the love of Christ. You will be changing lives!

For partnership enquiries, email

Where does your money go?

We know it’s a big decision to donate your money,  and we want you to be confident that your gifts are being used in the best ways possible. we are committed to stewardship and transparency. Each year, what you give goes directly back out to spreading the Gospel and helping others through our worldwide outreaches and programs.

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