From my bro,

The bigger the brighter
And that’s what you’ve been sister
A shining light, never dimming the least
A bright star, shining the most
A vicious soldier, surpassing the best
A pace setter, all can attest
A loving soul, caring a whole

A bright future you have
A shining life you give
An illuminating path
I follow with shades
Graciously mended
Cut from the best

A model woman
An unknown pageant
Could have been a model
But chose to mould
To model ’em
A mentor you are
To all and sundry

Fitting poetically
And befitting in prose
Limits description
Shying from ad infinitum
Coz a page is less
A book insufficient
A poem lacking
And words failing…

That’s the vastness of your character
Yet a glimpse of who you are

Loved you are, coz loving you’ve been

Happy birthday siz…

This is the intro

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