Healthy Relationships


In pursuit of deeper relationships, it is essential to identify some elements that may hinder the progress.
#Selfishness is a major one . Do you have those friends who are only there for what they get from you? As long as the agenda befits them they are all in. When it’s your turn to receive support, advise or you just need to vent and unwind, they are nowhere to be found.
Relationship should be a two way street it is not a one way street. Do not be the dead end, receiving but never giving.
#Say no to shallow relationships.

Dangers of shallow relationships include loneliness even when you are with people. “I am lonely yet am not Alone.”
#Bitterness is spewed by thoughts such as, “nobody really cares about me.” You maybe disgruntled but sincerely you are the one to blame. You receive back what you give. It is okay to be vulnerable in pursuit of depth in relationships.
Next time your friend ask how are you go beyond the ,”I am fine”and “am good” responses. They are very superficial. Try sharing how you really are at the moment. Slowly the depth is gained and the facades is chipped away.
#Say no to shallow relationships.

· Unhealthy #competition is a relationship killer. Such competition breeds from insecurity and leads to power struggles. It is okay to have a friend who is more gifted or talented than you. Instead of competing why not complement each other. Learn to celebrate your friends’ achievements with contentment.
Do you have a friend who when you share an achievement the phrase that comes from their mouths is; “even me my time is coming! ” or “I am planning on doing the same soon”.
Com’on take a moment to congratulate and rejoice with your friends first before you think about yourself.

©Pastor Lucy Paynter
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