Merry Christmas

The joy of Remembering the birth of Christ is complete in knowing that He fulfilled his purpose by paying our penalty for sins.

Have you accepted him in your heart and made him Lord over your life?
As we celebrate this season let’s remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.
If you remove the reason then it all becomes meaningless.
There were several wonders that surrounds the birth of Christ.
1. Born of a virgin.
The conception was of the holy spirit. It had never been heard before and has never happened after. Mary was in grave danger of being stoned for immorality but from Joseph his fiancee to all the family members they all believed her story. She spoke the truth about the Angel’s visit and the words spoken to her. The God who orchestrated this convinced everyone who heard the story and thus spared Mary from the ridicule and shame.
2.Barreness was eliminated
Now Elizabeth and Zechariah were old and barren. I bet they had already given up the hope of ever being parents. They were in Continuous Service in the temple. Offering sacrifices for others and fulfilling their priesthood duties. But in God’s calendar Jesus needed a predecessor and they were the perfect couple to fulfill this purpose. Mary needed someone who can process the news with too. So when the angel give mary the words he also shared with her about Elizabeth being six months pregnant. The lord was concerned with Mary support system as she carried out the great assignment.
3.Boldness Displayed
I always Imagine what was going on in Joseph’s mind. Did he feel betrayed and cheated? He must have loved Mary so purely. He planned on not embarrassing her, dumping her in privy.He had not spoken to anyone about his plans but as he was contemplating on how to go about it, the Lord appeared and defended Mary. Surely our thoughts are not hid from the Lord!
I admire Joseph boldness believing in the word of the Lord and embracing Mary as she was.
4.Boundaries Significance
and he made of one every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed seasons, and the bounds of their habitation;
Acts 17:26 ASV
Imagine that God determines the places we will be born and also the time. In fulfilling all the prophecies concerning the birth of Christ, Mary and Joseph took a journey to fulfill a census call. All this for Jesus to be born in the right place according to the scriptures. Yeah Bethlehem and on a merger to fulfill the prophecy.
I have pointed out this wonderful scenarios to Express the divine planning for the birth of Christ. You are special to God and for our sake everything was articulated efficiently. There should be no place for doubts concerning our Lord Jesus Christ.
Believe in Him.
Confess your Belief
Embark on living a life of liberty.
Merry Merry Christmas
¤●Pastor Lucy Paynter

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  1. Thanks is all about God

  2. An epitome of love. A king losing his stature and demeanour to become part of the wicked and filthy humanity… Out of one thing – Love. The love of Christ is so immense; yet all that for free!

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