Calmness In The Storm (Print Book)


Calmness in the storm is a worthy read: a book that helps the reader unlock the potential within. Pastor Lucy Paynter shares her personal life-changing experiences and testimonies showing clearly that storms are not destructions but preparations. A storm is a great indicator of greater opportunities ahead. The author is surely a living testimony of calmness in the storm. Believe me; this is a combination of personal testimonies projected for a universal audience. May the Lord bless you as you embrace this book as a tool of encouragement and insight in your life.
Bishop Dickson Njoroge Global Transforming Mission

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Discover “Calmness In The Storm,” a powerful print book that offers a comforting perspective on facing life’s trials. With beautiful language and meaningful Bible verses, this book brings encouragement and insight to anyone navigating through storms. Written by a seasoned author, this book offers a calming and cheerful outlook, reminding readers that God is in control.


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