Resting in His power

The Glory Is His

It should be encouraging that even the heroes of the faith expressed their own misgivings about their abilities. Moses certainly did, and yet of the billions of people who have walked this earth, God chose Him to spotlight for generations to come.

In the Bible, we see time and again how God worked through imperfect vessels to accomplish His great glory.

As one book perfectly summed up, God plus nothing still equals everything.

The flip side of that is that because He’s the One doing the work, it’s not something we can take credit for, no matter how tempting it may be to do so.

Have you ever seen God move so strongly when someone sings a certain song or preaches a certain message and then the person adds that outcome to their resumé?

It becomes like a ‘Big Fish’ story, except the fish in this story is the person. He works through weak vessels in order to receive His proper glory. So we give it to Him.

The assurance from His Word is that He’s going to overshadow our shortcomings and accomplish the outcome He desires if we follow His lead.

Weakness only serves to underscore His power. We can rest, knowing that it’s nothing we can conjure up or manipulate. His Spirit will be at work.

You may feel burdened for a ministry that you’re not prepared for. You don’t feel comfortable in that role. Your ability or lack of it is pronounced and very obvious to all around. If so, you’re in good company. God only expects for you to be obedient, regardless of your comfort level.

He’s got this. Rest in His power.
©Pastor Lucy Paynter

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