Give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his mercies endures forever.
Thanksgiving is a selfless act that sees beyond what you have not received.
Thanksgiving is a choice once made brings joy and great fulfilment to both parties involved.
A grateful heart is a positive heart.
A grateful person is a graceful person.
I would rather spend time with one who is thankful than spend time with one who is resentful.
Ten lepers met Jesus and pleaded for healing.They were given a command to go and shew themselves to the priest.Great was their faith they never hesitated but started the journey in obedience to the Lord’s command.
Alas!along the way they were healed I imagine their jubilation as they proudly displayed the healing to one another.
One of them a Samaritan to be specific may have raised the idea of going back to the source of their healing and give thanks. I imagine his idea was drowned by the others suggesting maybe to visit families or tour the city they lived outside it’s walls.
Yes!only one came back to Jesus to say thank you. No matter how much we receive from the Lord, thanksgiving is a way to remain connected to the source of your resources.
Choose to give thanks.
Live a thankful life.

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