The higher the building, the deeper the foundation.

Sometimes we wonder why some take so long before realizing their gifts or talents.
Other times we struggle to get to the peak of success in a speedy way.
Living in a racing world and in an electronic era, we tend to forget that babies are not automatically grown from birth to adulthood.
There is birth, nurturing, growth from level to level unto maturity.The same applies to talents, gifts, and callings.
The higher the expectations, the deeper the foundation.
Jesus Christ lived for 30 years before His ministry of 3 years.The impact is felt up to today.
Noah built an ark for 120 years; that was used for 40 days.It’s not the time spent in preparation that matters but how efficient ist the outcome, after all, is said and done.
Remember for one story building you just need to lay a foundation for sky scrappers the foundations are dug deeper and deeper before the building goes up and up.
Establish your foundations, and the storms of life will not shake you.
©Pastor Lucy Paynter.