A Special Day

Today 9th April is one special day to me. I have two Anniversaries that happens today. One is our wedding anniversary. Yeeh, it is the day we said I do. It’s been four years now, four years of pure bliss and happiness. The life challenges have been there but they have only brought us closer. Before I met my love John, I believed that men are selfish and incapable of true love. I had been broken, bruised and I was bleeding. Trust was an issue with me, I couldn’t trust anyone for the betrayal I had gone through was spearheaded by people who were really close.

Somehow, my love realized that words cannot win me over. Instead of telling me he has fallen in love he decided to display his love in actions. In our interactions I didn’t know he was a man on a mission. I loved who he was and his character. Few months later I missed talking to him or spending time with him. We would talk for hours on the phone about anything. There was no pretense or hidden agendas, we enjoyed each other company. It felt like I had found a missing piece of me. I had to be honest with myself eventually and announce that discovery, “I am in Love!!!” What a great position to be, it’s beyond feelings.

Knowing that you truly love someone,motivates and empowers you. Despite the obstacles, you both find a way to be together. And we did! we got married, we had a small beautiful wedding today four years ago.

This union has been a place of growth, and advancement where no dream is too high as long as we support each other. We still have so much to talk about each day. This is not only a marriage but it is friendship.

I thank God for giving me a second chance in the institution of marriage. My purpose of writing this is to encourage someone who feels like all hope is lost, to keep on trusting God for a new beginning. He did it for me and many others I have had the opportunity to listen to or learn from. He can do it for you.

My second Anniversary is the birth of Glorious Power Church. A ministry where we serve the purposes of God in our Generation. Today Mark’s 3years since its launching. All I can say is that thus far the Lord has been Ebenezer. We give God all the glory for all He has done and will continue to do through us.

Happy 4th Anniversary to us!!!

John & Lucy Paynter.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to

Glorious Power Church.

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  1. Happy anniversary

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