Big and little sin

When I was a kid, I would sneak in the kitchen and put my little hands in the sugar jar, take a handful and then put it in the mouth. Later, my mom would ask me if I ate the sugar and I would say no, although my whole face is covered with sugar. She would then take the wooden spoon and discipline me. There were times I lied about things which are more serious than eating sugar but the punishment was the same, the wooden spoon ( mwiko).
In this blog today, we will take the context of God as the parent and us being the kids. In the bible God makes it clear that it doesn’t matter what sin you have committed; it is all equal in His eyes. That means, if you lie about eating sugar, in God’s eyes, it is all equal as someone who is a murderer.
As human beings, it is very easy for us to compare ourselves with other people and we might see that we are better than them which will lead us to judging people, which then will lead to pride. For me, if I lied about eating sugar, or skipped school and lied, my mom would discipline me for both with a wooden spoon. When you have committed a ‘big’ sin and another one has committed a ‘little’ sin, God will forgive both. It doesn’t matter whether you have gossiped, killed, sexual immorality, all these can be forgiven by God.

In our eyes, some sins are unforgivable, eg, killing. How does it make you feel that a killer is put in the same class as someone who stole a pencil?