Calmness in the storms

In storms of life we cry out to God to help us. Just like the disciples cried out in the storm and Jesus was asleep in the boat. They were desperate and death seemed inevitable. But when Jesus arose he rebuked the storms and it was calm.
When Paul’s ship was tossed in the storms the people worried and they threw out their possessions awaiting the worst and filled with worry. Paul spoke with much confidence because he was calm in the midst of the storm. He assured them that the ship will be destroyed but they will not die.
Yeah, this is our God He may choose to calm the storm or choose to Calm His sons/daughters in the midst of storms.
When the storms are calmed we rejoice and testify with jubilation.
When the Lord choose to calm you it requires trusting that He knows what He is doing.
Pastor Lucy Paynter

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