The Center of humanity and nature is creativity – it is from the creative mind of God that we are in existence. In fact, I usually say that creativity is the epicenter of life. It is the raw material of the desired and imagined things made true. According to the Merriam Webster Online dictionary, creativity is the ability to create. Grammatically, it is an abstract noun emerging from the verb create. The word has various synonyms, but for the purpose of this talk, I will stick to two – invention and innovativeness. Hence, we will examine creativity as such; and an invention or innovation.
What is to create? In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void… (Gen 1:1-2). From this verse, it is apparent that to create is to bring into existence from a state of formlessness. Out of a formless state – a non-existence – a void, God created the earth and the heavens. Then, what was the raw material for these new creations? Out of God’s creative faculties – his innovative mind, existence was borne. Therefore, to create is to bring into reality the abstractions of imagination. And the process itself is the creativity.
Thinking Outside the Box
I usually say that the allegorical box represents the confines of the normal and the usual. It denotes a status quo – which is a limiting mentality. People who never think out the box can never be creative – they can never come up with new ideas. New notions are always reserved for those who move from the comforts of the box and venture into the uncertainties of risks made probable by the belief in the innovative and creative self. In other words, when talking about creativity, thinking outside the box denotes a risk! A risk whose only assurance is the belief in the capability of the wondrous nature of imagination. Being creative starts with thinking outside the box.
Innovation: The Corporate World and creativity
If there is a section that appreciates the value of creativity is the business world. Here, the term that usually represents creativity is innovation. People in the business world are usually divided into two regarding innovativeness: discovery-driven people; and delivery-driven people.
The delivery-driven people, despite having all the requisite resources, they will rarely take risks and venture into new dimensions. Theirs is to stick to the status quo and continue doing the usual things. These are the people who will start a store, and it will never grow. Somehow, their most significant achievement is never growth but existence – in the sense that they fear the unknown and settle for the common known. However, they may increase their magnitude of delivery within the same channel. Diversity is not their thing. Eventually, they are the most prone to the risks of uncertainty than the risk takers. They are inside the box thinkers.
Discovery-driven people, on the other hand, are courageous and will always venture into the murky waters of uncertainty. They hunger for fresh ideas, and they will at the opportune moment do the unthinkable. Like the typical entrepreneurs, they will always take risks by testing unknown techniques. They encourage the stimulation of thoughts through new experiences and diverse interactions. A discovery-driven person brings about growth through innovation. They will always desist the comfort of the streamline of normalcy and venture into the turbulence of the discovery.
Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple Inc. once said that innovation (read creativity) distinguishes between a leader and a follower. He also said that part of his job was to move around and just explore things. As earlier stated, exploring the imaginative faculties and actualizing the new thoughts is the major ingredient of creativity.
Richard Branson, of the Virgin Atlantic, says that we should be encouraged to innovate whenever possible. Out of the simplest innovations, there is a potential for revolution moving the world forward. A world that is devoid of creative thoughts is a stagnant one – where problems are overlooked, and the desire for change is dead.
The philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (500BC) once said, that the only constant there is, is change. Change is inevitable they say, but what they never say is that the vehicular instrument for this change is creativity and innovation. Progress results from a creative mind somewhere.
Creativity as both a gift and prerogative
I usually say that creativity is both a gift and a privilege. It is a God-given endowment that can be traced through the biblical history of creation. When people are called upon to go forth and create; as commanded by God, is that a call for copulation only? I vouch for no. Considering that God is the cradle of creativity – being the ultimate creator – we are to follow in his footsteps. Make the world a better place by utilizing every possible chance of coming up with something new – that which can inspire the world. People may be gifted differently: there are those who will come up with beautiful music, other with comedy, others will innovate in the field of technology. The list is endless as humanity is diverse. Therefore, it is godly to be innovative and make the world a better place. However, creativity is a skill that ought to be nurtured. Remember, unnurtured talents may waste off.
One of the most important techniques of nurturing, realizing, and actualizing creative gifts is through idea networking. This calls for the interaction with people from different and diverse backgrounds. Once people expand their diversity network, they benefit from a rich pool of knowledge that stimulates their creative thoughts. The interactions will surely lead to great successes that will make the world a better place.
Creativity is a God-given gift to humanity in furtherance with God’s cause. It is a biblical truth that man was created in the image and likeness of God; and that God is the creator – the epitome of creativity. Hence, I always believe that when one utilizes the creative genius within them, they are fulfilling their God-given purposes and mandates. That is why I say that creativity is both a gift and a prerogative. As such, as we hunger to do God’s will, so should we desire to improve our creativity. Thus, strategies such as idea networking are essential to humanity since it triggers our creative faculties into work. It is a strategy that has been utilized by the corporate world – people such as Branson and Jobs knew and know the value of creativity and innovations. Their billion dollar turnovers vindicate them! As God thought of the world and created it; so is my wish that we will think of great, useful, and beautiful things and make them come to be. May creativity be your portion. God bless you…

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