Many a times we focus on what we don’t have yet and we forget to appreciate what we already have.
The perspective of glass half full or half empty analogy has been used to determine the optimists and the pessimists.

But, I realized that in matters of faith and waiting upon the Lord some may feel like they are seesawing on both ends. (I feel like that sometimes).

What can give us peace and stability in such instances is our #FOCUS.
Focus on the Lord not on the Load of cares.
Focus on His Promises not on the Problems.
Focus on What He has done already not on what is yet to be done.

This builds your faith and your confessions become creating Power.
Several times in the bible the Lord has asked the question.

I am asking you too in that challenge, situation or issue, “What do you see?”

Pastor Lucy Paynter


  1. I choose to see not the shapeless mass of clay my potter, our Lord is molding, but the state of the art end product He is about to launch.

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