Missed Opportunities

Ruth and Oprah were married to siblings. Ruth chose to follow her widowed mother in law, Oprah kissed her goodbye and went back to her Fathers house. We never read what happened to Oprah.
But for Ruth she looked at her mother in law and said this words
‘do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you, for where you go I will go where you lodge I will lodge,. Your people shall be my people and your God shall be my God, where you die I will die, and there shall I be burried’ Ruth 1:15.
We meet Ruths name again in the new testament
Mathew1:5 as a great grandmother to our Lord Jesus Christ
Ruth though a Moabite like Oprah made a decision that put her in the list of great Women among the Jews!
Following a widow who had nothing to hold on to but her God. She embraced the, land, the people, the culture , and above all the God of Naomi, she was ready to die and be burried in a foreign Land.
Naomi was Ruth’s destiny helper.
I believe something good could have happened to oprah if she had followed Naomi, ,
My question still remains, what became of Oprah? How many times do we leave our destiny connectors to return to our familiar ground?
What do I learn from this?



1) God can choose you a Mentor, or destiny helper / connector in a dislikable state like Naomi, Never dismiss anyone for who they are today, God holds tomorrow.

2) God’s presents don’t come to you neatly wrapped., at times they stink with issues surrounding them. Wasn’t Naomi sorounded by lose and grief ? No wonder no neighbour escorted her back home.

  1. God hides your potential, your hour of glory in serious challenges to eliminate opportunists who would follow you if they knew what is beneath your rags .


Lord give us the heart of Ruth, clearly speak to our inner man, to recognise our Naomi when you present her to us, help us to, sit under the grace favor and wisdom, be obedient, loving and follow instructions from our Naomi.
‚óŹPastor Lucy Paynter

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  1. Am blessed pastor Lucy. God bless



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