No more delays

[ ] The holyspirit has led me to wage war against the spirit of delay. Refuse to be comforted by such slogans as “delay is not denial.” If the Lord wills you to get something then no principality has the authority to keep holding it for you. You are the custodian of your breakthroughs and blessings. The likes of Daniel refused to settle and persisted until another angel was sent. (Daniel 10:12-14) Mordecai faithfully sought the Lord refusing to bow down to Hamaan.It really offended Haman and He planned evil against Mordecai. At that time Mordecai reward had been delayed for a long time. But one night the king could not sleep and the books were opened. Mordecai received his reward.(Esther 6:1-3)
[ ] Refuse to be comfortable if you sense delay in your life arise and pursue your blessing.
[ ] Today let’s deal with every delay in our lives. Through persistence and prophetic declarations. May our breakthroughs and blessings manifest in Jesus name.
[ ] #Pastor Lucy Paynter