Stunted growth: Hypocrisy Galore

Knowledge and experience have taught me that there are many kinds of help; but there’s one I find disturbing and wicked. You see, there is a clique of self appointed, self-seeking gods and goddesses who play angels. What bemuses me about the charlatans is their addiction to self-aggrandizement. Any of their gestures of kindness is highly dilluted and neutralized by their non ending chest thumps and ostentation. Pharisaical indeed!
In their gaiety and revelling, they’ll toast upon their good deeds. Anyone caring to listen will know that they are the engine in your life; but for them, you’re a stagnating wagon, rusting away in some wild unguarded railroad. How they wish and aspire reverence. When they cough you should genuflect. Worship, you know? Contempt and domineering attitude defines them. They purport to be the light in your dark life.
But it’s not disloyalty which threatens them. They never fear that you stand about your ground – and see their delusive tactics, no! What they fear is progress. Their support is strategic; meant to facilitate stunted growth. With them there is no hope of blossoming; they jealously fight blooming flowers. They’ll readily put off any candle and feed of the wax. Their worst fear is your true identity.
Not every hand that feeds you is concerned with your healthy dietry. Some like a tree, will water you rooted in a plastic bag. Stagnating sustenance! Green you’ll be, but never an inch of height, will you rise. Maybe a non issue. What of when liberator comes calling? When the blue print of your destiny fall on your feet? They’ll feel threatened and beguil you that’s not where you belong. Raw deal, not worth trying.
I stand with you, yet step on your feet. Affixing you to the ground, denying you the prospects of take-off. I smile the most and laugh the loudest. I’m plastic. I’m fake.
Who’ll lick my boots when you see the light; when you become independent?
Truly I feel threatened my friend that I might be a crow and you a caged eagle. That’s why I offer refuge instead of loosing you!
Now you know…
They never mean well.
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