The joy of motherhood

These are my three bundles of joy. My daily motivation to become better and strive for the best.
When faced with overwhelming challenges and the possibility of giving up is the easiest route to take,one thought about them and giving up no longer remains as an option.
I thank God for He sure knew what he was doing when giving me this great opportunity to become a mother.
#Patience reminds me of the Lords faithfulness in keeping His words.No matter how long it takes He keeps his Promises and so Patiently I wait for Him.
#Precious reminds me of how Precious we are in the eyes of God. That even when all odds are stuck against us our value in Him can make Him move mountains to come deliver us. We are Precious to Him.
#Praise is a gem that reminds us to continually magnify the lord. Praise Him at all times.
â—‹Pastor Lucy Paynter.

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