When you get a Glimpse.


Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. But in as much as we empathize with our fellow humans it is hard to really get the reality unless you are in it.

My grandmother used the above quote so often in our conversations. Whenever I said something judgemental about someone or a certain situation. Her comeback would be that, “Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches”. It was her way of putting me in line. Before I judge someone or condemn them it is important I try to understand their situation.

During Jesus ministry on earth,his greatest impact was on how he related with people.

  • Jesus knew how to take initiative.
  • Jesus responded to the initiatives of others.
  • Jesus left room in his schedule for interruptions by friends and others enlisting his help.
  • Jesus usually met people on their own turf.
  • Jesus was interested in establishing common ground with others.(bible.org)

When you get a glimpse of someone situation it’s easier to pray, encourage and just be there for them.

During this pandemic we need to empathize and support one another. When it appeared in China to be sincere I only prayed for them weeks later. I did not feel their pain or be bothered at first. But now since I got a glimpse of what they were dealing with my prayers are more intense.

Last week I was rushed to the hospital due to difficulty breathing and what appeared like an allergic reaction. I was wheezing and had hives sprouting all over my body. I had not been exposed to anything I am allergic and that caused me great panic and anxiety. I got a glimpse of what people are going through with the covid19 . The fear that engulfed me was unexplainable. The anxiety kept piling up as I awaited to be seen by the doctor.

As I laid on that hospital bed, I remembered how I had felt the need to rebuke people for fearing and panicking. Yet there I was so afraid, unable to pray for myself. To make it worse, I was alone, they had told my husband to wait at home. This was the first time ever that he would not be allowed to stay with me or visit.

I got a glimpse..

So as we continue to pray and support each other through this pandemic, let’s remember to empathize with each other. Before you say that nasty comment, or pass that judgment remember:

“Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.”

You can do it before you get a glimpse.


  1. I believe its with a Godly heart that as believers we can be able to bear the pain of others, in knowing that God wants them to be whole(3John 1:2), anything short of that should grieve our spirits and push us to pray.

    1. PastorLucyPaynter – I'm a perfectionist, I work the details to the dots in the i's And I believe if we fall and keep breathing we can always arise. Sometimes I wonder, 'if I'd become everything I wanted as a girl, Would I be better than this or caught up in a different whirl?' I close my eyes and hear the voices of those who look up to me, The hopeful eyes in their pictures.....I think I can see what they see, I want to wake up one morning and see the people I care about happy. I'm a perfectionist, I work the details to the dots in the i's And I believe if we fall and keep breathing we can always arise. I pretend I'm not hurt even when I am, 'Cause when fighting ain't an option,the least we can do is keep calm. There're times when I feel terribly overwhelmed, But bless everything through which I've helmed, There's been God, there's been you, to pull me through. I oft'n worry that the things I so believe in may not be true, And you can trust me to cry at the idea of failing in what I set out to do. I'm a perfectionist, I work the details to the dots in the i's And I believe if we fall and keep breathing we can always arise. I understand that it's hard to please everyone, But if I could, there's nothing I'd want more than to see a smile on the face of every man. I believe and so say everyone deserves a second chance, I judge not...at least never at first glance. I dream of the day when I can look at my life and say 'this is where I wanted to be. I have, I do, I always will try the best in everyone to see, And I hope at the end of my life, I will not have left a trail of broken hearts behind me.
      PastorLucyPaynter says:

      Amen. Well said Pastor

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