My Mum

A devote,dedicated diligent woman, A resilient, responsible, respectable woman, A calm, confident, caring woman. A lovely, loving ,loyal, woman, From her we have learned and flourished.

With tenderness she nurtured our gifts and passions. Through nudges,rebukes and sometimes tough love she continually pushes us to become the best version of ourselves.

Toughness is her specialty, others would think she feels no pain. Whatever life has thrown her way,she knows the art of shaking it off and matching forward. Her strength is unimaginable. Yet, beneath that toughness is the kindest of heart. Always covering us In prayers.

Prayer watches I learned from her, All those years faithfully keeping the eight watches of prayer. Countless times I have seen her turn off the stove or turn off the TV to say a prayer . My kids, her grandchildren got the pattern and I see them pause in the day to pray as grandma taught them.

Today, is your birthday Mum. I thank God for you. He chose for me and my siblings the best mum to bring us forth and nurture us. With long live may he satisfy you. And even in coming years may you continue to bear fruits.

Love you Mama @Susan Maina.

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  1. Wow…… insightful

  2. Wow! A great mum she is. May she live to glorify God all her days. Happy birthday to her!

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